G6 Pontiac 2006 2.4L Engine Computer ECM PCM 12603530 Programmed to your VIN #

G6 Pontiac 2006 2.4L Engine Computer ECM PCM 12603530 Programmed to your VIN #

G6 Pontiac 2006 2.4L Engine Computer ECM PCM 12603530 Programmed to your VIN #

To your specific vehicle VIN. You keep your existing PCM- no extra trips to the post office.

GM installed this 12603530 PCM in the above application as well as several other GM models. This was possible because each of these models received their specific programming from the factory. In other words, you can't simply swap a used PCM from one vehicle to the next. The PCM to your VIN (vehicle identification number) with matching software. This PCM is used and was removed from a running salvaged vehicle.

This PCM comes with a 1-year. We have been in the PCM business for 13+ years. No computers are "plug and play".

Upon installation you will need to perform the security system relearn procedure (also known as +Passlock relearn or the theft system relearn). The security relearn is an on vehicle relearn to your specific vehicle and is what allows the vehicle to accept the replacement computer and start the vehicle.

It is an on vehicle relearn so it is not something that can be programmed outside the vehicle. It doesn't require any special tools and is essentially turning the ignition key on and off in a sequence. I supply you with the step by step instructions on how to complete this. Once the vehicle starts you would need to complete any other on vehicle relearn procedures necessary for your vehicle. This may include but not limited to an idle relearn, drive cycle relearn, cam sensor relearn, or CKP relearn(crank position relearn P0315/ / P1336).

The cam sensor relearn or CKP relearn requires the use of a shop level scan tool. If you are not clear on the complete removal and installation process for the computer for your vehicle please check the service repair manual for your vehicle or allow a certified technician to install the computer for you. You will be purchasing a high quality used PCM.

OBDII type computers have the "chip" embedded into the PCM and it is not removable. The calibration file per the application is "Flashed, " or reprogrammed using a software package and a pass through device. The "chip" is no longer removed for programming. Proper programming is essential when replacing a PCM whether it is a new, used or remanufactured PCM.

A used GM computer will have the software installed that pertains to the original vehicle that it was removed from. In some cases, GM OBDII type computers will interchange with many different vehicles including those with different engine and transmission configurations. However, unless the computer is programmed with the correct software it won't function properly upon installation. This is important to ensure specific vehicle programming and to guarantee flawless performance in your vehicle. This is a great opportunity to own a spare PCM.

View our e-bay store for more ecm's. Many different names have been given to the engine computer since its inception over 30 years ago. Engine computers may be referred to as ECU (engine control unit), ECM (engine control module), PCM (power train control module), Brain Box, ECC (engine control computer), VPCM (vehicle control module), or Fuel Management System. For clarification we refer to an engine control computer as an PCM.

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G6 Pontiac 2006 2.4L Engine Computer ECM PCM 12603530 Programmed to your VIN #